Ways To Store a Leather Jacket

Proper Way To Store a Leather Jacket or Suit

Many people wear leather jackets and leather suits in winter and as soon as the winter season is over they hang their jackets or store them somewhere safe so they can use it in the next season. The best thing about leather jackets is their durability and if we take proper care of them we can use them for many years.

Many customers have come to us with an issue that when they take out their leather jacket from hanger it becomes a little stretched from the shoulders. Another very common issue that our clients face is that with time the leather becomes dry and eventually cracks and tears from some places. You can easily avoid both these issues by following below mentioned techniques.

Store leather goods in basement

LeatherSketch recommends storing your leather goods in the basement where there is no light and windows. Store them in cool dry place.

Hang it properly

LeatherSketch recommends avoiding hanging your jackets and suits. The Best way is to keep your jacket in a bag, placed like this.

Coat hanging

If you do need to hang your leather jacket or coat use the wide shoulder hangers. LeatherSketch recommends using wood hangers like


If you want a cheap workaround you can do something like
Simple Hangers

Moisturize your leather goods

About moisturizing what we need to keep in mind is that leather is also processes skin so it needs the same type of care. If you keep your leather goods well moisturized you can use them for a lifetime. There are many moisturizers available and you can apply any of it. LeatherSketch recommends using coconut oil as a moisturizer as it has little to no effect on the color of leather. I will write about how to moisturize your leather jackets and suits in my next post in detail.