LeatherSketch is a community of craftsmen, designers and dreamers who work together to redefine how hand crafted leather jackets are created and delivered. We believe in the empowerment of our craftsmen and invest in their potential and wellbeing of their families. We have created a great working environment for our craftsmen and helped them develop the processes to ensure the quality of the product to the highest standards of workmanship. Choose from our range of high quality men’s leather jackets, women’s leather jackets, biker jackets and men’s leather shoes. If you require any other color or different design in leather that are not listed on our site please contact us by email to let us know your requirements. All our products are exceptional in design & have quality that last lifetime.

Our Story

LeatherSketch idea was born when we were in search of some good leather jackets in Punjab, Pakistan and we saw a stark difference between the prices of branded and straight out of factory leather goods. We realised that there are many famous brands getting their leather goods manufactured by local craftsmen and selling them at very high prices, on the other hand craftsmen are paid 6 to 7 times less than the brands charge to their customers hence raking in a huge profits

In this digital age of Internet these craftsmen can directly sell to the people who wants to buy handcrafted leather jackets, but most of the craftsman are illiterate and have little or no knowledge of Internet. LeatherSketch is trying to fill this gap by harnessing the power of Internet by selling the products right out of factories to our customers and as no middleman is involved in the transaction we are able to sell jackets way cheaper than our competitors. In fact we are the only one who is selling Full grain leather jackets at 75% less rates than others.

Why LeatherSketch

LeatherSketch has earned a distinct reputation in manufacturing and retailing custom hand made leather products. LeatherSketch is trying to connect craftsmen of Pakistan with the people who want to wear leather jackets. Placing an order with LeatherSketch means that you get the custom made leather jacket directly from the craftsmen, no Agent, no middleman between the craftsman and buyers, your special requirements are passed directly to the leather Tailor / craftsman.

We use A GRADE high quality full grain cow and sheep hide leather to manufacture our products. The leather used for creating LeatherSketch products comes from animals that have been bred only for meat production.​ We also make motorbike leather jackets with A GRADE high quality cow leather and meet all safety standard that are recommended for bikers.

With loads of eternal appeal and versatility, LeatherSketch has always been adaptable and inspirational. The look of the leather is timeless; one can make a bold fashion statement and a wise investment at the same time. So if you are willing to make a fashion statement or a dashing entrance, just do it with only of its kind outfit-courtesy at http://leathersketch.com.

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