Custom Parka Leather Jackets for Charles Prunto


This Jacket will be over-sized Camo leather jacket. The fit should be over-sized but still be tailored. I have attached pics of a reference jacket.

1. all strings will be silver leather with silver or red metal caps
2. gun pic will be embroidered on bottom pockets. size will be 4×4 inch  and guns will face each other on right and left pocket.  (Gun will be white and words will be in red)
3. All buttons and zippers will be silver
4. Jacket will have buttons and zippers to close (zipper needs to be two way riri zipper)
5. on back, it will be hearts embroidered size will be 8×11 ( the last heart will have half red and half white inside)
6.metal chain on inside like last jacket
7. jacket will have additional 2 back pockets on the back (I have attached pics)
8. bottom of the jacket on the back will have fishtail. (i have attached pics)
9. I need the jacket lined in red, blue or grey tafeta.
camo print will be blue, red, and grey. it will match the sneaker I have attached.
back length: 34 inch (jacket length)
sleeve length: 27 inch  (my body measurement)
waist: 46.5 inch (my body measurement)
chest : 46.5 inch  (my body measurement)
shoulder: 19.5 inch  (my body measurement)
neck: this style of jacket, do I need neck?
I have attached example of a parka sizing that I would like to go with. besides jacket length, I have given you my measurements. remember , this jacket needs to be oversize.

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