What Should I Look For Before Buying A Designer Leather Jacket?

Find your own style

A piece a of clothing such as a leather jacket tends to define your personality and character; it will say something about you. Before you buy it, take a look in the mirror, and in your wardrobe, to find the perfect leather jacket that will not only fit your personality, but also your style. Don’t be afraid to try on different styles to find the perfect one for you.

  • Double Rider Leather Jacket
  • Motocross Leather Jacket
  • Military Style Leather Jacket
  • Fencing Leather Jacket
  • Pick the perfect fit

A well-fitted leather jacket must feel and look like a second skin, and must be flattering to your frame. The jacket needs to sit close to your body, but also keeps extra rooms for layers (shirts, sweater, etc). When trying it one, make sure that the sleeves come down no longer than your wrist, while the rest of the jacket sits at the waist in most cases.

What is the price?

Purchasing a designer leather jacket may seem a little more expensive than your average retail leather jacket. The design, tailoring, high-quality materials and accessories can influence the price tag. When you take the time to choose, your leather jacket can last for years to come and style be stylish.

Pay attention to the details

When you think about a leather jacket, you often think about zips, buttons and buckles. Make sure these little details are of the highest quality (YKK, Talon and RiRi zips are a must), because you probably won’t be able to change them or repair them if they are cheap. Also, inspect the lining’s quality, strong seams inside and out are the best indication that your leather jacket is built to last. A designer leather jacket is more likely to be stitched densely and evenly with polyester thread, and shouldn’t have any loose end or point of weakness.

Experience the luxury and comfort of designer leather jacket!

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